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Outdoor Enthusiasts

Adventure Awaits at Conservation Areas

If you’re after a fun and thrilling experience at Conservation Areas, we’ve got you covered! Whether on land or water, there’s something for everyone, from mountain biking to tubing and everything in-between. Try something new!


Did You Know?

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area is one of the most popular rock-climbing spots in Ontario.

At Rattlesnake Point, there are three designated sites with more than 235 routes where experienced rock climbers can scale challenging cliffs under a canopy of rich woods. You can also rock climb at Kelso, Mt. Nemo, and Old Baldy.

Equipment: Helmet, harness, climbing shoes, ropes, and protection devices to ensure safe climbing

Beginners: Lessons should be taken from a certified professional

Recreate and Create Responsibly

We love when content creators share their Conservation Area visits with us on social media. We enjoy how you capture the sights and sounds of nature, share your discoveries, and add your unique creative twists in telling your stories.

We want you to continue creating and sharing with these safety tips in mind.

  • Stay on trails
  • Dress for the weather and stay hydrated
  • Don’t enter closed or restricted areas
  • Stay away from edges and behind barriers
  • Never climb waterfalls or go anywhere near the top
  • When taking selfies or videos pay attention to where you’re standing or walking
  • Stay away from waterways during heavy rain or storms
  • Don’t litter – pack it in, pack it out
  • Keep dogs on leash
  • If you drop your equipment in a precarious location, notify a Conservation Area staff
  • Don’t rely on your phone, tell someone where you’re going and when you should be back

Wildlife Photography

It’s very common to capture experiences and to share them online, and we agree Conservation Areas are beautiful and provide the perfect backdrop. As you collect memories, follow these helpful tips.

Get The Shot Without Disturbing Nature

  • Don’t bait and feed wildlife to get their attention
  • Don’t trample sensitive habitat to get the perfect photo – stay on marked trails
  • Don’t “dress” nature, it’s beautiful already, photograph as is
  • Don’t introduce non-native species to Conservation Areas
  • Don’t cause traffic jams on roadways to get the perfect shot – it’s unsafe
  • Don’t get too close to animals
  • Don’t use bird call recordings to get birds to come closer

Share your photos with us on social media! #StepIntoNature #HealthyHikes

Use our online map to plan your trip

Use our Conservation Areas map to locate more than 300 Conservation Areas across Ontario. Plan your trip to one of Ontario's conservation areas based on location, activity, facilities, accessibility and more.

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