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Rock Glen Falls

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

Conservation Authorities / Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

Contact Information

71108 Morrison Line, Exeter, ON N0M 1S5

Conservation Areas

Wooden lookout to the Ausable River.

Ausable River Cut Conservation Area

Hiking trails along Ausable River Cut. Access for fishing and canoeing, Carolinian forest.

Bannockburn Conservation Area


Fall hiking, fishing, boardwalks, self-guided interpretive signage, marsh, river, forest

Clinton Conservation Area


Wooded areas, river

Morrison Dam Conservation Area

Morrison Dam

Woodland, fishing, reservoir

Parkhill Conservation Area


Woodland, tree species plantations, fishing derbies, group camping, resevoir, 10 km trails

Rock Glen Falls

Rock Glen

Woodland, fossil beds, museum, waterfalls, boardwalks, accessible trails, Carolinian forest.