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Albion Hills

Cycling - Off-Road

Ruscom Shores

Ruscom Shores

Carolinian Forest, viewing tower, wetland

S.C. Johnson Trail

S.C. Johnson Trail

Winds through Carolinian forest, linking Paris and Brantford



Saltfleet Conservation Area is HCA’s newest area to explore and is located south of the Niagara...

Saugeen Bluffs CA

Saugeen Bluffs

The park is nestled within a 100 ha sugar maple forest. All are welcome to indulge...

Seymour Conservation Area


Woodland, stream, swamps on limestone plain, limestone quarry, annual fishing day

Stephen's Gulch Conservation Area

Stephen’s Gulch

Located north of Bowmanville, Stephen’s Gulch Conservation Area protects a large area of deciduous forest and...

Stoney Island CA

Stoney Island

Mixed forest adjacent Lake Huron shoreline, 39ha forest along Lake Huron, 6 km of trails with...

The Chrysler Canada Greenway

The Chrysler Canada Greenway

Connects 25 separate natural areas, woodland, wetlands, prairie, 50km off-road nature trail. Connects to Cypher Systems...

Trenton Greenbelt Conservation Area

Trenton Greenbelt

Waterfront trail, access to Trent River, shoreline, boat launch

Two Creeks Conservation Area

Two Creeks

Wheatley Two Creeks Association co-manages, major migratory bird route, memorial forest, wooded creek system, summer theatre...

Windy Ridge

Windy Ridge

Windy Ridge Conservation Area is a 35-hectare (87-acre) property that offers an ideal spot to enjoy...