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Dofasco 2000 Trail

Accessible Trails

Boyd Conservation Park


Scenic Humber River Valley, 19 picnic areas, shelters, woodland trails

Bruce's Mill

Bruce’s Mill

Historic mill, maple syrup festival, driving range, picnic areas, Treetop Trekking and BMX Bike Track

C.M. Wilson Conservation Area

C.M. Wilson

Camping, canoeing with rentals, McKinlay Woodlands Memorial Forest, Carolinian forest, ponds, Childrens’ Safety Village, rustic barn...

Callaghan’s Rapids

Callaghan’s Rapids

Limestone bedrock river, caves, sink holes, rapids



Cascades Conservation Area is a great choice for a quiet hike in the beautiful poplar and...

Chapman Mills Conservation Area

Chapman Mills

Boardwalk trail through wetland and shoreline along the Rideau River

Cheltenham Badlands

Cheltenham Badlands

Heritage landscape feature

Chippawa Creek Conservation Area and Campground

Chippawa Creek

148 hectares with man-made lake, access to Welland River, pier fishing for disabled, nature trails. Dils...

Chippewa Trail

Chippewa Trail

The Chippewa Rail Trail follows an abandoned rail line south from the Chippewa Rail Trail Parking...

Christie Lake

Christie Lake

Looking for a place to do it all? Christie Lake has you covered from hiking, swimming,...

Claireville CA


Claireville Dam & Reservoir, Hiking and Nature Viewing

Clinton Conservation Area


Wooded areas, river