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Conserve & Enjoy Ontario's Waterways!

Keeping Ontario's waterways clean and beautiful means knowing how to 'boat smart'. Educate yourself and become a confident environmental champion on your lake.

  1. LEAVE NO TRACE: Dispose of your garbage on shore to keep the waterways beautiful and clean.
  2. PRACTICE COMMON COURTESY: Keep the noise down, be aware of the activities around your
    boat and respect both the people and the marine wildlife you're sharing the water with.
  3. KNOW YOUR WAKE: Be aware of the effect of your boat's wake on the shoreline,
    on smaller boats and paddle craft, on swimmers and on marine wildlife.
  4. PRACTICE SAFE FUELING: Take care when fuelling a motorized boat.
    Spilled fuel in the water can have devastating impact on the marine environment and water quality.
  5. REDUCE THE SPREAD OF INVASIVE SPECIES: Always clean your boat before introducing it to a new
    waterway using environmentally-friendly marine detergent.
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