Interactive Adventures


  • Facilities/Services: Washrooms with running water; parking lots; picnic tables and possibly picnic shelters with BBQ facilities; staffed weekend and holidays, regular maintenance
  • Activities/Experiences: Historical and/or interpretive feature; designated activity functions as a main attraction, such as river tubing, downhill skiing, water park, camping or groomed cross-country ski trails. May have less rigorous activities available, as well as rugged activities such as off-trail cycling or rock climbing. Likely to have more than one attraction.


Active Day Trips

  • Facilities/Services: Parking lot; washrooms with running water; picnic tables; seasonal or gate staff; regular but seasonal trail and facility maintenance
  • Activities/Experiences: Hiking trails available; picnicking areas clearly defined; may have unique natural features as well as the following activities: designated fishing areas, on-trail cycling, boating, paddling or designated swimming areas, playground equipment.


Explore the Outdoors

  • Facilities/Services: May or may not have designated parking area, outhouse facilities or picnic tables; no staff on-site; limited trail maintenance
  • Activities/Experiences: Variety of hiking terrain, informal picnic areas; may have designated fishing areas or other unique natural features or attractions such as swimming or paddling; ungroomed winter trails