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Explore the Shore

The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River nourish our spirits with spectacular and calming scenery and provide numerous opportunities for all ages to step into nature and replenish our batteries. Visiting shorelines, taking advantage of trails and campsites or just having a quiet cup of coffee while listening to the waves and rustling wildlife remind us of our important and historical connections to our natural world. There are many Conservation Areas with views of or access to the Great Lakes! We have outlined some of the best Conservation Areas to suit your beaching, picnicking, scenic, and hiking needs. Check out the lists below and start your journey to Explore the Shore!

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To see all of the Conservation Areas on or with access to Great Lakes shoreline, check out our map and look for this symbol.

Amazing Beaches

great lakes shoreline sunny beachBeaches are excellent places for a day filled with both activities and relaxation. Whether you are looking to play in the sand, swim, boat, or just sit back and relax these Conservation Areas are for you. Experience the variety of beaches along the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Shores today!

  1. Fifty Point Conservation Area
  2. Cedar Beach
  3. Highland Glen Conservation Area
  4. Little Bluff Conservation Area
    *Cobblestone Beach

Perfect Picnics

great lakes shoreline picnic pavillionPack a lunch and enjoy the beauty of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River with a scenic outdoor picnic along the shore at these wonderful Conservation Areas that offer picnic facilities with a view!

  1. Lemoine Point Conservation Area
  2. Petticoat Creek Conservation Area
  3. Silver Harbour Conservation Area
  4. Haldimand Conservation Area

Stunning Views

great lakes shoreline viewThe spectacular scenery offered by the Great Lakes and St Lawrence River is just waiting to be appreciated. Explore the Shore and experience the majestic views of these four Conservation Areas.

  1. Mackenzie Point Conservation Area
  2. Rattray Marsh Conservation Area
  3. McGeachy Pond Conservation Area
  4. Rutherford-Stevens Lookout

Take a Hike!

great lakes shoreline hiking trailHike the shores of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River today and use the offered trail maps to only metaphorically get lost in nature. Hike safe while you explore the shore!

  1. Little Trout Bay Conservation Area
    Trail Map
  2. E. M. Warwick Conservation Area
    Trail Map
  3. Stoney Island
    Trail Map
  4. Lynde Shores Conservation Area
    Trail Map
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Conserve & Enjoy Ontario's Waterways!

Keeping Ontario's waterways clean and beautiful means knowing how to 'boat smart'. Educate yourself and become a confident environmental champion on your lake.

  1. LEAVE NO TRACE: Dispose of your garbage on shore to keep the waterways beautiful and clean.
  2. PRACTICE COMMON COURTESY: Keep the noise down, be aware of the activities around your
    boat and respect both the people and the marine wildlife you're sharing the water with.
  3. KNOW YOUR WAKE: Be aware of the effect of your boat's wake on the shoreline,
    on smaller boats and paddle craft, on swimmers and on marine wildlife.
  4. PRACTICE SAFE FUELING: Take care when fuelling a motorized boat.
    Spilled fuel in the water can have devastating impact on the marine environment and water quality.
  5. REDUCE THE SPREAD OF INVASIVE SPECIES: Always clean your boat before introducing it to a new
    waterway using environmentally-friendly marine detergent.
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