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Baxter Conservation Area

45.10004, -75.62469


Situated on 80 hectares along the shores of the Rideau River, Baxter is a beautiful example of river floodplain. Explore, year-round, the mixed hardwood forests, meadows and wetlands over the 5Km of trails and visit the unique Filmore Park Nut Grove with ...

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Address7498 Carter Rd, Kars, Ontario
Chapman Mills Conservation Area

45.27938, -75.70292


Enjoy a stroll through some of the Rideau River's most sensitive and beautiful habitats. Lookouts, walkways and boardwalks lead visitors through natural shoreline, wetlands and floodplain areas that are unique in the City of Ottawa. Learn about the ecolog ...

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Address243 Winding Way, Ottawa, Ontario
Foley Mountain Conservation Area

44.68667, -76.39800


High atop a granite ridge overlooking the historic Upper Rideau waterway and the Village of Westport, is Foley Mountain. Foley is famous for its dynamic, hands-on environmental education programs for schools and youth groups, as well as summer day camps a ...

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Address105 Perth Road North, Westport, Ontario
Meisel Woods Conservation Area

44.72376, -76.62514


Meisel Woods is the Rideau Valley's newest developed Conservation Area. Opened in October, 2003, this 65 Hectare property is an excellent example of Pre-Cambrian Shield land. It is a forested area with animals, plants and landscape typical of the headwate ...

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AddressNorth Anderson Road, Crow Lake, Ontario
Mill Pond Conservation Area

44.77090, -76.17933


Welcome to Mill Pond. Peaceful and serene, Mill Pond has 6Km of forested trails. Hike through the area and stop for a picnic in the sugar bush or the covered picnic shelter. For those who like to canoe, the accessible canoe launch provides opportunities f ...

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AddressBriton-Houghton Bay Rd, Rideau Lakes, Ontario
Perth Wildlife Reserve

44.88893, -76.20349


Located on the Tay Marsh, this watery environment nurtures a variety of diverse plant and animal species. Deer, ducks, Canada geese, rabbits, bluebirds and wild turkeys are examples of some of the wildlife that are found in this 257 Hectare reserve. A tri ...

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Address100 Wildlife Road, Perth, Ontario
Portland Bay Conservation Area

44.70175, -76.18322


A simple lakeside picnic area along Highway 15 in Portland. Stop for an enjoyable picnic and enjoy the view onto Big Rideau Lake.

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AddressHighway 15, Portland, Ontario
Rideau Ferry Yacht Club

44.85842, -76.13483


Bask on the beach and listen as the water laps onto the shore at the Rideau Ferry Conservation Area. The former Rideau Ferry Yacht Club donated this 10 acre shoreline property located at Rideau Ferry to RVCA in 1976 for the purpose of providing a public d ...

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AddressCounty Road 1, Rideau Ferry, Ontario
W.A. Taylor Conservation Area

45.13335, -75.63316


Launch your boat and cast a line for one of the Rideau River's local bass, perch, pickerel, panfish or musky. Catch and release is encouraged. W. Taylor is also a wonderful spot to enjoy a quiet picnic and stroll along the short wooded trail.

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AddressRegional Road 19, Osgoode, Ontario