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Mill of Kintail Conservation Area

45.24449, -76.25832


The Mill of Kintail is a 154 acre site where you can enjoy day hiking, skiing or snowshoeing on the trails or test your physical abilities at eight different activity locations along the fitness trail. The Mill of Kintail Conservation Area is also ho ...

Admission Lake River Reservoir Education Interpretive Heritage Museum Handicapped Access Picnic Facilities Hiking Fishing Snowshoeing Cross Country Skiing
Address2854 Concession 8, Almonte, Ontario
Morris Island Conservation Area

45.45918, -76.27138


The Morris Island Conservation Area is located along the Ottawa River near the community of Fitzroy Harbour. This 47 hectare site consists of forested woodlands and wetlands that will appeal to nature enthusiasts of all ages. Morris Island Conservation Ar ...

Free Admission Lake River Reservoir Education Interpretive Handicapped Access Picnic Facilities Boating Hiking Fishing Snowshoeing Cross Country Skiing
AddressMorris Island Drive, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario
Purdon Conservation Area

44.99372, -76.54541


Purdon Conservation Area is a unique wetland famous for its exceptionally large native colony of Showy Lady's Slipper Orchids. Each year between mid-June and early July, thousands of magnificent orchids burst into delicate pink and white bloom. It is rare ...

Free Admission Lake River Reservoir Education Interpretive Handicapped Access Picnic Facilities Hiking
AddressConcession Road 8, Lanark, Ontario